Our cattery is unlike most in that our runs are large walk in units measuring approximately 1 metre wide by 2 metres high and 3 metres deep. Large enough to house multiple cats from the one family. We never mix cats from different families. Each unit has a private sleeping area with an attached run. We even have ground level units for those older cats who cannot manage to climb anymore. All units are undercover yet the cats are able to look out onto the surrounding garden and watch the colourful bird life that abounds.

Each of our feline friends have their own scratching log but we do ask that you provide some clean bedding from home to help settle your cat and make it feel more comfortable. We also have “snugglesafe” microwaveable heat pads available for purchase or hire for those wanting them during the colder months of the year.

We generally feed our cats twice a day. In the morning they are given dry food and in the afternoon they are served either fresh meat or their favourite canned food. Kittens and older cats, where required, are fed extra meals throughout the day.

Should your cat be on a special diet or one of the veterinary lines you are welcome to provide it.

If your cat is on medication of any kind (including injections) we are able to administer these, however, there will be a drug administration fee. Just be sure to let us know when you make a booking and bring any medication in clearly labelled bottles. The current rate for a cat is $35 (as at 01.02.24) per day.

Boarding fees are calculated on a calendar day basis regardless of time of admission or departure.