Terms & Conditions


All dogs entering the kennels must have a current C5 vaccination. This covers them for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough.

Any dog that has been given an intranasal/oral spray against kennel cough will not be accepted until 14 days have passed as this is a live form of the virus.

A signed vaccination certificate will be required as proof of vaccination.

All cats entering the kennels must have a current F3 vaccination.

Any cat that is entering the kennels within 14 days of being vaccinated must have been given an inactive vaccine, otherwise they will be put in isolation.

A signed vaccination certificate will be required as proof of vaccination.


All outstanding fees must be paid on collection.

An animal will not be released until all fees have been paid.

For extended stays we ask that half the amount be paid in advance.

School Holiday Bookings:

All bookings made for periods during the school holidays must be accompanied by a deposit.

All dogs booked in during school holiday periods must mix well and be able to share a kennel. Should your dog show antisocial or aggressive behaviour (in our opinion) and require its own kennel you will be charged twice the daily rate.

Cancellation of School Holiday Bookings:

All school holiday bookings are subject to a cancellation fee.

If we are given at least 14 days notice then a fee of 20% of the total number of days booked will be charged.

If insufficient (less than 14 days) notice is given and the kennel cannot be refilled the total number of days booked will be charged for. If the kennel is refilled for part or all of the period you may be credited accordingly.

Should you return early to collect your animal, the full period booked will still be charged.

Management reserves the right to refuse boarding (ie cancel the booking) for any animal that does not meet our boarding requirements (this may include medical conditions to which we have not previously been advised and bitches in season during school holidays), or any animal that is deemed too aggressive to safely handle. Should this occur during school holidays and a deposit has been paid for the booking it will be at managements discretion as to whether the deposit will be refunded or if any outstanding balance is owed to cover the remaining school holiday period.

Out of Hours Pick Up and Delivery:

Pick up and delivery of animals outside of our normal business hours of 9-11am or 2-4pm can be arranged if a member of staff is available but will incur an out of hours fee. This varies according to the day and time.

Owners Agreement:

Whilst Berrima Boarding Kennels exercises all care, we accept no responsibility for any happenings, damage or loss whilst your pet is in our care, howsoever caused.

Should veterinary attention be necessary in our opinion whilst your pet is in our care, you agree to pay all costs incurred and not to hold us responsible for any happenings, damage or loss.

* * * When boarding your animals with Berrima Boarding Kennels you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions and will be asked to sign an agreement form on arrival.* * *