“For the past 33 years we have entrusted our much loved pets to the care and attention of Berrima Boarding Kennels. Over long stays, weekend and short notice stays our animals have been well looked after, any medical or special needs catered for with efficiency and kindness and they have given their own testimonials of always being happy to arrive for their personal vacations. As time has passed Trish and her team have been a part of our loving contract with our animals and also helped us to mourn the passings which have been a part of this long commitment to their care. We have never worried about our pets, knowing they had the safety, security and happy environment they deserved.”

Dick and Rosemary Tinning

“I was recommended Berrima Boarding Kennels and Cattery over 20 years ago and during this time our dog, Monty and cats, Missy and Mr. B always holidayed at the kennels and cattery, sometimes for a weekend and at other times up to 7 weeks when we travelled overseas. Trish, Naomi and staff have always been fantastic, very caring and always aware of the animals’ needs.  I highly recommend Berrima Boarding Kennels and Cattery.”

Di Joice


“Louis (2 year old cavoodle) is very happy to spend regular holidays at Berrima Boarding Kennels. He is so happy to arrive that he has very little time to say goodbye when we drop him off. He has also enjoyed the benefits of the hydrotherapy pool after surgery on his leg. The leg responded well to weekly swimming sessions – the strengthening was noticeable.”

Eric & Helen Fisher



“When we go away for a holiday it’s such a relief to know our dogs are also going to have a wonderful holiday at Berrima Boarding Kennels.  We know our boys will be treated with care and they are always incredibly excited to arrive, obviously eager to have fun and make new puppy friends.  Trish, Noni and the team take the time to get to know each animal in their care and their understanding of animals means we have absolute peace of mind that Milo and Milk are in good hands.”

The Cameron Family



“It all started in 2004, when Wilke the Welsh Springer Spaniel met Trish, Noni and the team. He was 3 months old. Since then Wilke has been joined by Millie the Cat and Ellie the Labradoodle. They stay at the kennels about 4-5 times a year and, as soon as we hit the dirt road, the dogs know exactly where they are going. Excited pandemonium starts and they can’t wait to get there. Berrima Boarding Kennels is as good as it gets. Thank you, Trish, Noni and all others at BBK who have been so kind over the past 14 years. “

Alison and David, Mittagong.


“My dog Harry, a 14 year old Jack Russel-Foxy cross, has been a regular visitor to Berrima Kennels all of his life. Harry loves his visits, he enjoys the company of the other dogs and especially the loving care he receives from everyone at the kennels.”





“My three dogs live with me in the inner city, Sydney, except when I am away then they live with their other family at Berrima Boarding Kennels. I wouldnt take my dogs anywhere else to board the 3 hour plus round trip is well worth it. To see them rushing to get in through the gate at the kennels, three heads held up high, six ears pricked, three tails madly wagging, is a sight for sore eyes. They just dont hesitate (unless of course theres a cat or two around to check out) and they certainly dont look back! I cannot recommend Trish, Noni and the team at the kennels highly enough. The three terrors come back each time looking fit and happy, well fed, exercised, clean and healthy. Its the best!”

Julienne (written with the approval of Thelma, Louise and Dudley).


Mr Scruff

“My boys, Mr Scruff and Billy have been coming to Berrima Boarding Kennels for the past 7 years and they love it! I can go away on holidays having full confidence that they will be extremely well looked after and have a lot of fun with all the gang.

The biggest vote of confidence is when they both almost pull my arm off racing in to see Trish and Noni when I drop them off!”

Kathleen (Scruff and Billys mum)

“I have an 8yr old Doberman, Cassie, who suffers from Wobblers syndrome (cervical spine degeneration and instability). In July 2009 she became quadriplegic. Berrima Boarding Kennels enclosed heated hydrotherapy pool came highly recommended from my vet.

Cassie and I went to hydrotherapy 2-3 times weekly for 5 months. We had lots of assistance from the staff and made huge progress. Hydrotherapy has been a huge part of Cassies recovery. The muscle bulk she developed and her increased flexibility has allowed her to regain her balance and strength, which has enabled her to walk again”


Mr Darcy

“We recently had the good fortune to review Berrima Boarding kennels. At a cost of just $22 per day, we were sceptical about what the doggie-diggs would be like. Nervously we dropped off SoHi mutt Mr Darcy, who we acquired recently from the Wingecarribee lost dogs home.

The facility itself looked better than a few of the Hume Highway hotels we have had the misfortune to stay in.
Mr Darcy was housed with similarly ornamental lap dogs (we hate to think of the ego clashes in their little enclosure!) and had his bedding from home for comfort.

Mr Darcy was clean when we collected him, smelling of natural lavender soap. Ok, thats an exaggeration but he was bathed during his short stay. The kennel has a hydro-bath, truly caring passionate staff, and its no exaggeration to say that its a doggie resort.”

Taken from the review: Secret Dogs Business, SoHi magazine 04.11.2009

Lexie & Cruiser

“We have been boarding our dogs at Berrima Boarding Kennels for almost 13 years now. We have travelled a lot over those years, and we have always been most comfortable that the dogs are safe, very well-looked after and happy. Trish, Noni and all the staff have always cared for them very professionally and compassionately, and we really appreciate that we can enjoy ourselves, relaxed in the knowledge that the dogs will be so well cared for. We are lucky to have Berrima Boarding Kennels and we would thoroughly recommend them.

Our English pointer Lexie is almost 13 years old, and naturally she has arthritis in her joints. She has been swimming weekly in the hydrotherapy pool for a couple of years now, and that has enabled her to keep her joints moving and maintain her muscles. Her Vet says that swimming is the best exercise she can do, and she is fortunate that this facility is available locally.”

Jenny and Tom


“Arkle, our 9 year old Border Terrier and her old mate Astro (dec. wonderhound) are and were regulars at Berrima doggie camp. They (the dogs) are always pleased to have us pick them up after their stay, but soon after leaving report that Berrima Boarding Kennels is more fun than home -and ask when they can go back.  We have nothing but praise for our dog loving friends at Berrima. They love our dogs and we love them.”

The Grant-Pirrie’s


“Our elderly dog Molly has stayed at Berrima Kennels many times and we are very impressed by the level of care that she receives.  She is always greeted on arrival with a lot of gentle affection from the staff and she always appears to be very happy to see them.  She wags her tail and doesn’t even bother to look back at us when we leave.  She has a cosy single “room” for sleeping and given extra warm coats when needed.  We’re sure she enjoys the playful interaction with other dogs her size during the day.  We always joke that she has been away to her health resort as she comes home looking revitalised.  We highly recommend Berrima Kennels. “

Julie and Ian


“We commenced taking our labrador to Berrima Boarding Kennels in 2003.  A few years later, this was followed by our eccentric rag doll, Cino or Mr Mushkowski.  We have been regular customers ever since. Trish, Naomi and staff run an extremely professional, efficient and clean outfit, always with an eye to the health and welfare of the animal.
I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”



“Berrima Boarding Kennels has served us as clients for the last 34 years and no one could ask for finer service and assistance with their animals.  Our first dog to the kennels was Winston, a Border Collie Kelpie Cross – and we were brilliantly served as at that stage we were either based in Sydney or Goulburn.

Next was a Doberman/Labrador cross – again named Winston and following his long life, Bob, a Golden Retriever.  Following his departure our current Golden Retriever, Gypsy, now nearly 13, and as usual being brilliantly cared for on our many long or short stays.

One couldn’t ask for greater care or assistance and anyone who chooses to place their animal in care at this organisation will be served in the same brilliant manner as we have been for almost 40 years.

We highly recommend the kennels to anyone who needs such service and care.”

Belinda and Grahame Jones.

Elbe & Yoda

“Our pets receive personalised care from people who take the time to really get to know their behaviour and personalities. They are always happy to see Trish, Naomi and the team and they get settled in fast with a cuddle and a kiss and a minimum of separation stress.”





“We have 3 dogs who regularly stay at Berrima Boarding Kennels. Ding is an escape artist and is very nervous, Luna is a 14 year old Maremma who is funny with her food and Gordie is a farm boy kelpie. We board the dogs at Berrima Boarding Kennels because we know they are safe, happy and their individual needs are always catered for. The kennels are beautifully clean, well organised and run by professionals who know dogs and sincerely care for them.”

Liz and Geoff.

Trixie & Fletcher

“We’ve been boarding our dogs at Berrima since 1997, just after we met Trish on holiday in the NT. We were on the look out for new options as our Western Sydney kennels had changed hands and we were a bit uneasy with the new regime. A visit to Berrima made us feel totally confident about leaving our aging German Shepherds Josie and Sacha, and then their successors Jake and Cooper, and now our Golden Retrievers Trixie and Fletcher. Most of these have had their little share of devilment in them, but with Trish, Noni and the team we know they’ll be kept out of trouble….and have a good time in the exercise yards, playing with other dogs. We’re always a bit sad driving down from Sydneyto drop off the dogs but reassured when they bound out of the vehicle to catch up with “old mates”. We’ve no hesitation in recommending Berrima Boarding Kennels.”

Robyn and John

“I love my two dogs but by anyones standards they would have to be described as a handful. Approaching age has not wearied them. However, the staff at Berrima Boarding Kennels act as though they love them and that means a lot to me. The vet prescribed valium tablets I took for the separation anxiety elder dog the first time they boarded were handed back unused and have never been needed since. The dogs start wagging as soon as we turn onto the now familiar side road, and are still wagging when I pick them up, a day or a week later.

They come home clean, bright and tired. Ready for next time!”



“Berrima Boarding Kennels have always provided the best care & home away from home for my feline family members, going back to the 80’s & up to the present time. The kennels are maintained to a very high standard of cleanliness with strict attention to prevention of disease, with annual vaccination certificate checks. I have found the personal care invaluable, especially when my plans changed due to the death of a family member & my cats’ board was extended, with very kind reassurance regarding their care. Special needs of my present elderly cat are sympathetically cared for, & on the one occasion he became ill, he was immediately taken to my vet and I was informed of all necessary details.

Secretly, I think he finds holidays at the Kennels quite interesting!”



“We have been using Berrima Boarding Kennels for 4 years and cannot recommend it highly enough whether for boarding or for use of their dog pool. Our dog, Molly, was born with hip dysplasia. Having a local facility where we can take her for a swim and give her great non-impact exercise is priceless. Friendly, knowledgeable and caring staff. Highly recommended.”

Chris & Sarah, Bowral